Column operations


hi all!
congrats for atom (now that is on windows, I can test and use it :))
I have a question:
i come from sublimeText and there’s a cool feature to select by column (shift+ctrl+L) that allows to do some stuff…
is there something in atom?
thanks in advance!


Check out
Haven’t tried it myself, but it seems promising.


thanks thomasjo,
it’s the Selection -> Split into Lines my goal…
is there a chance to add a shortcut to this menu item? :wink:


Add something like this to your keymap.cson file (e.g. click the Open Your Keymap menu item)

  'ctrl-alt-shift-l': 'editor:split-selection-into-lines'

You can obviously replace the key combination with whatever you prefer.


There is a default key mapping for this command on OS X. (Specifically, Cmd+Shift+L, the same as it is in the OS X version of Sublime Text.)

There should probably be one for Windows/Linux. I don’t run Windows and rarely Linux so you may want to submit a PR for this by adding to the appropriate official keymaps? (keymaps/win32.cson and keymaps/linux.cson)