Color Themes based on Project Folders


I have the latest Macbook Pro and one of the best features it has is the ability to quickly be able to change the color of the command line to customize it for what you use it for. I tend to group them by colors as well. I have at least 7 tabs open and it becomes difficult to keep track of what tab does what without typing in pwd if I couldn’t easily switch between colors.

If a project folder had a color theme, I would easily be able to know what file belonged to what project without having to think about it, similar to how I colorize my tabs in the command line.

I suppose I could make this as this is open source but thought I would at least express the sentiment to see if this was worth doing or find others that thought like me about this.


Got here googling for this feature. I have three projects with similar directory structures / file names and this sort of tab coloring would be handy.


I agree as well, that would be a handy function to have :grinning: