Color code two Atom windows


Is there a way to set theme/background colors different for 2 different atom windows open on the same computer? I need to color code them so that I know which project I’m looking at without having to look at files.

I tried changing theme etc but it changes for all the windows that are open.


There is currently no way I know of to set different themes for different windows. There might be a workaround, though. Are these projects in the same language?


Yes it’s actually a same project/ same repository just on 2 different dev boxes :slight_smile:

If it’s 2 different projects then it’s not a big deal, you can just look at the files and figure out and it’s much less confusing.


The easy solution would be to install another copy of Atom in portable mode and use different themes for each of them. It might also be possible to write a package that injects style rules based on the path of the project folder, which would be the hard mode solution.