Collapsing code causes issues with right-arrow navigation


Windows 8.0, Atom v0.115.0, occurs in safe mode

To replicate: open a file (confirmed in php and js files), collapse a relatively good sized code block and move cursor below the collapsed block; now attempt to use the right arrow to navigate to the end of various longer lines of code/text.

The cursor stops in seemingly arbitrary places, and not in the same column of each line. Some lines might not allow right arrow navigation at all, some might do it all the way to the default 80 char line guide, generally somewhere in between though.

Not seeing any errors in dev tools console.


Sure sounds like a bug … can you record a GIF so we can see exactly what you mean?


Not a gif, and please don’t mind the first couple seconds of blurry recording, it cleans up:

Note lines 20-304 collapsed, it seems to have a more pronounced effect the more code that’s collapsed, or perhaps just the more code that’s shorter in length than the lines below that are having cursor issues. Audio is present so you can hear when I’m tapping right arrow key (note that when I’m not running in safe mode, the same thing occurs with the vim L shortcut, so it seems like the issue is in the core commands).


Yep, sure appears to be a bug. Can you create a bug for it in Atom Core?

And link it back here?