Collapse line like notepad++


Hi is it possible to show a vertical line between tags like notepad++ ? In notepad we can collapse tags with the small + and - in the left side because sometime when my code fill my screen its hard to see if my tag is align together.

exemple if i click on my div tag there is a highligh to show me where the tag is closing but sometimes the tags is not align together because of space or wtv.



Can you show an example of what you hope to see in Atom? I don’t have a copy of Notepad++ available to try and figure it out on my own :blush:


If I understand correctly, you’d like to have something like this:

If that is indeed the case, you can enable Show Indent Guide in the Settings View (Ctrl+, on Windows).


omg ! yesss ! thats what i want ! :smiley: thanks a lot !


I have Show Indent Guide checked, but don’t get these. I’m on version 1.0.19