Colemak keyboard layout. Keybinding cmd-s change to cmd-r


I’m use Colemak keyboard layout, and I can’t change cmd-s keybinding to cmd-r (in colemak is cmd-r)
This what i write in user keymap.cson



Atom - Version 0.198.0 (0.198.0)
OS - mac os yosemite 10,10: (14D125)


You should probably use the Keybinding Resolver (Cmd+. in OS X and Ctrl+. in Linux/Windows) to see what key Atom thinks you’re pressing and the command that is executed because of it.

But the body rule should be all that you need to override the key. You shouldn’t need the extra one for atom-text-editor.


Thank you leedohm, I used Keybinding Resolver, and what I see:
When document unfocused cmd-r - save document,
but if i focused in file cmd-r - symbols-view:toggle-file-symbols.

whatever, i use ‘unset!’ for ‘.platform-darwin atom-text-editor’

and this code work:

  'cmd-r': 'core:save'

'.platform-darwin atom-text-editor':
   'cmd-r': 'unset!'