CoffeeScript outline/navigator package


Hi there fellow Atom users. I wanted to get your feedback on my small package for CoffeeScript called Coffee Navigator.

It’s an outline view/navigator panel as an more visual alternative to Symbols View:

Let me know if there are some bugs or feature to be requested.

Add outline view

What a timing, someone posted a request about that a few hours ago :slight_smile:

Are you using ctags to generates the outline or are you using another technique?


That is quite a coincidence :slight_smile:

I’m using official CoffeeScript module to parse current file. I’m not sure if Ctags can extract hierarchy of tags (tree structure), but haven’t played around with it to check. It sure would make this package more extensible (i.e. other languages).


Neat, I like it.
How is it working with the Linter packages that also use the gutter to display notifications? I wonder if there is any interference possibly?


This doesn’t use gutter, only attaches a pane on the right of the editor. It may have issues with packages which does that, but I didn’t found any yet.


Ah sorry, I thought that red icon appearing in the gutter was part of it, but I’m guessing that’s just from another package. No worries then.


Since 0.0.10 I switched parser from CofeeScript package to ctags suggested by @abe which solved all issues with nested classes etc. Also leaves open doors for languages other than CS.