CodeIntel features would be great

  • Jump to Symbol Definition - Jump to the file and line of the definition of a symbol.
  • Imports autocomplete - Shows autocomplete with the available modules/symbols in real time.
  • Function Call tooltips - Displays information in the status bar about the working function.


Developers of the world, please tell me how you use code editors without CodeIntel. Every time I have tried something like this (i.e Sublime, Coda, Textmate) I my productivity always disappears.

I could live without every feature to get CodeIntel in an editor.


Those 3 suggestions are definitely needed to improve productivity.
Personally, unless there was something similar to SublimeJEDI available, there’s no reason for me to move away from SublimeText.


I agree with this, it would be a very important feature to make me switch from sublime text. I would also like to add to this request the possibility to add different library autocompletions.


It’s such a hugely important package, and considering the solutions for Sublime can run really sluggishly, it’s a bit dire for a web app to outperform Sublime.

Komodo IDE has this great codeintel feature that seems to just work with nearly every language, and pulls data from all project files and optionally other directories. (5 months since a commit, seems abandoned)

Problem with this is that it’s slow, and very buggy - sometimes it just doesn’t work as expected. For some reason it also doesn’t support Coffeescript. The plugin shouldn’t be THAT hard to port though, at least!

Like you other guys this is also probably one of my most important features that would launch this editor into IDE-tier, so If there’s a chance I can contrib to a package to get it working well I will.


Keep in mind that Atom is not a web app. It just uses a browser to display the user interface. Not everything has to be written in CoffeeScript/JavaScript. Node.js allows you to write C/C++ modules that you can then use from JavaScript. In fact, if you look at the source code for Atom, the spell checking for example is written in C++ to use the native OS X spell checking on Macs and Hunspell on Linux/Windows. So speed shouldn’t be a problem, if a pure JavaScript solution is too slow, you can fall back to C/C++.


Actually yes, that is a good point. Hopefully Atom will have a big enough userbase thus we can expect this kind of thing to be tackled where Sublime failed to.


Completely agree, this feature is essential!


Atom already comes with the “Jump to Symbol Definition” feature you are describing. You just have to generate an exuberant ctags tags file for your project. This package I wrote will do that for you with a keybinding.

As for “Imports autocomplete”, another package I wrote can help you with that for languages that import using paths. It lets you pull up the fuzzy finder and select a file in your project. Then, it inserts the path of that file relative to your current file, or the file’s full path depending on which action you use, at your cursor. Checkout out:


Ah! Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Much appreciated.


Heh, you obviously haven’t read the source code.

I’m thinking about doing this, but it would take a few months before it’s even version one.