Code Styling Preferences


I’m a transplant from WebStorm and I do primarily node/angular development. One thing I love about WS is the Code Styling option. Being able to have have the whitespace between the curly braces is an amazing feature, as well as the overall styling of the code in general. I wrote a JS style guide for the other developers and can force most of it upon them by giving them defined settings for the Code Style option, which is great. Is there a way to do even a modicum of this in Atom or is this an unlikely scenario?


I think you might want to take a look at


They do a lot of code styling checks and prevent common errors. They aren’t perfect, but its a start. And you can distribute your .jshintrc and .jscsrc configuration files to everybody and everyone will have the same errors/warnings.


Thank you very much for the recommendations. I’ve installed and tested them out and they work great for me. Hopefully more will come along with Atom. I’m really missing angularJS code syntax highlighting as well as expressJS and Those files just look so bland :frowning:.

Thank you for the solution @BlackWolf!