Code hinting feature


Hey guys. One feature that I miss is code hinting in Atom. Do I miss something? Is there an option to enable code hints? Are they on the Atom developers roadmap?



There is autcomplete plus package


Yes, the Autocomplete Plus package is very nice, but it isn’t very smart in terms of resolving package and class structures, suggesting methods or similar IDE-type luxuries.
I’m still waiting for someone to make that happen :wink:


It won’t happen. :relieved:

It’s just a core package providing UI (a dropdown list of options), interface for suggestions (for providers) and a primitive FuzzyProvider. You need to install autocomplete providers for the specific language you want to make Atom intelligent about.

I’m currently refreshing a provider for Haxe language (based on Haxe compiler). Similar stuff is done for other languages, like C++ (clang) and Go. It certainly can also be done for Scala, using Ensime (someone has do make it happen though).

Combine that with a linter+provider, and there you have it – an IDE :smiley: Well, almost, it could also use some refactoring features, and I see people trying to make it similarly to how autocomplete and linters work now. Progress is being made, alright :sunglasses: