Code completion works, but not navigation



Loving the atom editor!

I just installed it from the latest git version, and I’m setting it up for Rust programming, and I have code completion setup and working perfectly. But I cannot open function/type definitions. Go to definition does not do anything.

I have the following packages installed:

  • vim-mode-plus
  • racer
  • linter
  • linter-rust
  • language-rust
  • build-cargo
  • rustfmt

Package symbols-view is enabled as well. Please help me debug whats wrong

Thanks for any help!


Have you checked out the Atom Flight Manual? Specifically the section on Navigating by symbols? There are some references on setting up ctags in there that might be helpful.


@leedohm Thanks for you quick reponse, and I indeed didnt know about Atom Flight Manual!

But ctags does not support Rust for the --languages= option. So I dont think having ctags will work.

I am wondering if I am the only person having the issue of not being able to move around symbol declaration, or is it unsupported for Rust language.


It looks like the Rust source has a ctags definition file for Rust. You can use it according to the instructions here: