Code completion doesn't work when I split (not always and only in one side)


I’m in ubuntu 16.04, I just updated from the repo to version 1.9.8 of
atom and now when I do: “open folder then split right” (same file to the
left and right) the completion works only on the left but not on the
If I open directly a file and split it works fine in both sides (but not always).
What I did:
-atom --safe,
-deleted “~/.atom”,
-atom --clear-window-state.
Same results
I completely removed from synaptic and then install it again but nothing changed
I updated to 1.9.9, repeated again but no changes.
atom --version Atom : 1.9.9 Electron: 0.37.8 Chrome : 49.0.2623.75 Node : 5.10.0 apm --version
apm 1.10.0
npm 2.13.3
node 0.10.40
python 2.7.12
git 2.7.4



This sounds like this open Issue:


This sounded different to me and I think it is after some quick testing, maybe they are related but not the same.

The referenced issue is about the box being positioned incorrectly in a split pane, this is about the box not opening when the file is opened with the pane:split-[dir]-and-copy-active-item command.

Repro steps for this:

  1. Open a file.
  2. pane:split-[dir]-and-copy-active-item command.
  3. Try to open autocomplete box in the new pane, does not open.
  4. Try to open autocomplete box in the old pane, does open.
  5. If you leave the box open in the old pane when switching to the new pane the old box opens in the old pane regardless of what you type in the new pane.

If you create an empty pane without copying the file autocomplete box works in both panes as expected but might have the positon glitch.

Compare the gif for position glitch
With the gif for this

In the first gif the autocomplete box works in both panes but has position glitch in one, in the second it works only in one pane and does not have a position glitch unless you make the wrong autocomplete box open completely.

The latest comments in the referenced issue and this one here seems to be about this rather than the position glitch and it seems to have been introduced recently as everyone talks about it happening since the latest update.