Code assist: core support vs plugin


Hi all,

I’ve searched the existing posts for a while before posting this. Is there any support for code assist/code completion? I’ve seen a couple of quite basic plugins, so I was wondering if I’m missing anything (or at least to understand the lack of solutions)

One of the main differentiators of any solid editor is its support for code assist. This can range from naïve solutions to very advanced options present in IDEs for static languages. So I’m wondering if the atom team is working on this (or at least creating a common basis on which specific lang plugins can be built) or is it expected that the community will come up with solutions?

:- alex )


I was thinking about this as well, but we need to keep in mind that this is a text editor, not an IDE. If too many rich features are added to the core of the application you’re going to get bloating beyond what a text editor should be like.

Launching is already somewhat slow, presumably because of the many out-of-the-box features. I wouldn’t add too much more to the core.

Having said that, that’s where packages come in and I believe there are a few already out there who do autocompletes, code assist suggestions, even some basic compilers and previewers… which is of course going to grow.

My guess is that you’ll get everything you want (if it isn’t there already in the form of a handful packages) and you’ll just have to pick and choose.