Cmd+tab issue and line break


I am coding in python files and when I use Cmd+tab the cursor do a line break. How I can fix that?


I can’t reproduce this. When I press cmd+tab it toggles the OS X application switchers.


let the cursor in the end of the line and then press Cmd+tab the cursos do a line break I get this because when I switch to Github App I see a line break in the file.

PD: in python files


Do you have the Autosave feature enabled along with the “Ensure Single Trailing Newline” feature enabled?

If so, when you switch away to another app and the cursor is at the end of a file, it can appear as if cmd+TAB inserted a newline.


@leedohm yes I have the Autosave feature enabled. Where is Ensure Single Trailing Newline feature?

So can be that, but how I can avoid that because in git that’s a new line and then I have change in my files


@leedohm when I press cmd+s it’s happening to. I guess only in python class


It is in the Whitespace package.

If “Ensure Single Trailing Newline” is enabled (again, in the Whitespace package), this is the expected behavior.