Cmd + R issue


Hello, I have a using Atom about month and only issue I have (and didn’t have with Sublime) is that dialog does not show immediately when I invoke it with Cmd + R (OS X). It has delay which does not allow me to start typing immediately in search for method name. So first character I’m typing is most of time typed in editor instead in search dialog and that is so annoying that I must ask is there any way it could be corrected in some future versions of Atom?


Well it is happening when I’m editing Typescript source code. I’m using atom-typescript plugin. I see a difference when press Cmd+R in typescript and javascript file for instance. In typescript pressing this keyboard shortcut cause that something using packages menu is invoked before search dialog is showed. In javascript dialog is showed instantly. Should I contact atom-typescript plugin developer?


That would probably be best, yes. You can use the Keybinding Resolver (Cmd+. on OS X and Ctrl+. on other platforms) to see if Cmd+R behaves differently depending on which type of file you have open.


Ok I checked that but everything is the same when I look at Keybinding Resolver. But when I’m editing typescript file after I press Cmd+R there is a noticeable delay between keystroke and showing dialog on the screen. I will try to contact plugin author