Cmd key on Windows


I use atom editor on Windows.
Atom heavily use cmd key, which Windows keyboard doesn’t have.
Although ctrl key acts as cmd key, I don’t want that!
I want ctrl key as is, and other key (like Windows key) to act as cmd key.

Can I make Windows key (or any other key) act as cmd key?


wish there was an answer. so many packages insist on it.


You can change the keybinding of any command. Or, even better, make a pull request to the package repo with Windows and Linux keybindings.


Thanks, is there a way to set different keymaps for different OSs? That way we could keep the current Mac-specific shortcuts which use CMD and just come up with something else for Windows. I didn’t see any description of how to make a binding OS specific in the “Keymaps In-Depth” part of the documentation.


Atom always has the platform (platform-win32, platform-darwin, or platform-linux) as a class attached to the body tag. Since keymap selectors work just like CSS selectors, this makes it easy to set different keybindings for different OSes.