Cmd key on linux


As there is no cmd key on linux, does this equal the meta key or will I have to create my own keymap file to remap all the command that use the cmd key?


If you go to Settings, which should be Ctrl+, on Linux (according to the Settings View keymap), you can see the list of all keybindings for your instance and search through them. In almost all cases on Linux Ctrl has been used in place of Cmd. So no, you will not have to remap all the keys yourself … it has already been done.


What about for third-party packages? For example, in emmet the default keybind for wrap-with-abbreviation is shift-cmd-A but replacing with ctrl does not work on Linux.


There’s an option for linux, win32 and darwin, every package author has to fix that.

Or you can override that in your keymap.cson file.

Look at this example:


There is already a pull-request:

to add proper native keybindings to linux and windows


Look like there is an issue on this topic : #2068

The problem seems to be that the windows key ist not usable in atom under Linux, as mentioned in the comments in this bug. (shortcut:see )