Closing whole editor instance on CMD+W


Sublime Text will close the whole window if you hit CMD+W when there are no tabs/panes open. I find this pretty useful as I often open multiple projects in multiple windows and don’t want to close them all to get rid of one.


+1 for this. I already reported this right after the invites started rolling out. =D


There is a “close window” shortcut, ⇧⌘W


Yes there is, but I think that Cmd+W should do it when there is no tabs open. That’s the standard on OS X.


Sure, it could do that, I just wanted to point out that there already was a way to do exactly what @barisbalic wanted, even without first closing a bunch of tabs.


I think the ⌘W shortcut is preferable through sheer laziness on my part, but now that I know there is a ⇧⌘W shortcut, despite my preference, I would be happy to respect a choice not to implement the former.


I personally would like both. I use ⇧⌘W in Chrome all the time for a bulk close, but I also use ⌘W when I’m closing things one at a time.


Like others, I can deal with the Command-Shift-W shortcut, but I would definitely prefer being able to close the entire window with Command-W when there are no tabs open.


I’d really like to see this as well. Just like sublime does - close the last open tab, then close the window.


Couldn’t someone make a package with a custom command close-tab-or-window? It could check to see if there are any tabs open in the active window. If there are, then it closes the active tab. If not, then it closes the active window. Then you could map it to ⌘W.


currently closes window with last tab though ( )


Just wanted to drop a link to The Closer, a package similar to However, The Closer package can close a window after the last tab is closed or with the last tab (it’s configurable).

If someone wants to give it a try – let me know if you run into any problems.