Closing tag


Do I need a package to get the closing tag automaticly?
I do get some suggestions when I type. But then if I choose smthn or not I have to completely manually write the closing tag.
I did try to find in settings and google and so on… but end up here with the question.


Have you tried:


I have that one installed. It does nothing. Many other things also do not function. For eg. preview. (atom-html-preview)
Most of the packages i install gives an red bug-box to the upper right corner.


@jeisson The built-in bracket-matcher package has a keybinding to close the current HTML/XML tag. Whether that qualifies as “automatic” by your definition, I’m not sure :grinning:


Saw that one. It is a bit clumsy and not so smart. It gave me an </body> after <h1.
And ctrl+alt+. if I can change that to something easy then maybe I get used to it. With automatic I mean no key pressing.


I’m very happy with </ Less Than-Slash package, which add the closing tag when less-than, slash (</) is typed.


okay. I’ll try it. sounds promising.


well suprise. or not!
It doesent work! There is some problem somewhere else and I have no idea where


I’ll start a new topic on -non working packages-


Thank you all people. I got my problem solved by doing a fresh install. special thank to jerone for hinting less-than-slash package. it is nice.