Closing a project folder


Is there a way to close an already opened project folder? I am using atom v1.0.0 on linux. If there is none, then it will be nice to have.


You can right click the folder in the tree-view, and select “Remove project folder” in the context menu.


Thanks, I don’t know how I missed that.


hey, I don’t want to remove the folder, but I want to close the folder just like in eclipse. If you are not working on the folder you would like to close it for sometime and later if you again want to work, you can just double click to open. Is there any feature like this?


You can click on the little down-arrow next to the name of the folder to collapse it.


No No, you didn’t get my point. If you are familiar with eclipse, if you close the project, searching, find and replace, refactoring etc… won’t be done on closed projects. Like that, if I close a project, the operations I do shouldn’t be apply on those.


Then what’s wrong with Remove Project Folder? It doesn’t delete the folder.


Yes. But every time I need, I have to add.


I think you should be using a project manager package, instead of trying to keep all of your projects in one window. Each window of Atom is intended to be a self-contained project.


Worked for me…Thanks!


Thank very simple answer for some reason I just couldn’t figure it out.


The wording is definitely wrong. We are in an editor and closing this doesn’t remove a project folder, just CLOSE the editor. Close or Quit are typical words there fore. I got an oops at this moment wehen I want to quit editing a file after saving it. Look to other editors, they use better words.