Closed Poll: What bug would you like to see the Atom team fix next?


I know that the Atom team already has tons to do. As of this writing there are 345 open Issues. So, I was thinking that perhaps the constituency of Discuss could give an idea of what we would like to see the Atom team concentrate on.

To make this exercise useful, keep in mind the following:

  1. Each item in the poll must have a corresponding Issue in a project under If you want a bug fixed that doesn’t have an Issue, then what are you waiting for? File it! :wink:
  2. If the Issue corresponding to a poll item is closed, I’ll mark that item with strikethrough.
  3. I am not an employee of GitHub, nor a member of the Atom team, so this poll is advisory to the Atom team only. It does not guarantee that they will spend time on these items.
  4. Let’s concentrate on bugs and not features … at least until v1.0 comes out :grinning:

If you have a suggestion for a poll item, post a response below and I’ll add it.

  • #1722 Open file in current window

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I’d opt for these:

  • #2247: Duplication in folded code
  • #1778: Deference to system-level menu shortcuts
  • The big one: #307: Large file support


Well, it turns out that once the poll is created, you can’t add or remove poll items … so my idea isn’t going to work as planned. Go ahead and submit your ideas and when I think we have a critical mass, I’ll post a new poll.

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It was a worthy effort. :wink: