[CLOSED but not fixed] Help installing package I'm making (apm link bug?)


Edit: This is definitely a bug in apm.

I’ve forked image-view to make an atom editor of my paint clone jspaint, but I don’t know how to load it into the editor.
I’ve run apm install
and apm link which didn’t seem to work because apm linked gives

C:\Users\Isaiah\.atom\dev\packages (0)
└── (no links)
C:\Users\Isaiah\.atom\packages (0)
└── (no links)

and yeah, it’s not linked.
apm link says simply C:\Users\Isaiah\.atom\packages\paint -> C:\Users\Isaiah\Code\GitHub\atom-jspaint but it doesn’t work.
The names are different, but that shouldn’t matter…


Same problem as Package generate problem?

C:\Users\Isaiah\.atom\packages>ln -s C:\Users\Isaiah\Code\GitHub\atom-jspaint paint
ln: creating symbolic link `paint' to `C:\\Users\\Isaiah\\Code\\GitHub\\atom-jspaint': Permission denied

Even in an administrative command prompt, I can’t make a link between these two directories both in my user folder. :frowning:

Package generate problem

If there is a bug going on, would you mind opening an issue on the repo for it, if there isn’t one already?


See Package generate problem.


The ln command doesn’t exist on Windows, to my knowledge:

Or, at least, doesn’t do what it does on Unix.


It does on my computer :slight_smile:
along with things like ls and bash
installed with Git(hub for Windows?)


There’s a number of reasons why commands with those names could exist on your computer, but the simple fact that apm uses mklink suggests we shouldn’t worry about why ln -s (however it got on your machine) doesn’t work.


I can use ln, mklink, or junction. That’s how cool I am. :slight_smile: