"Close tab" menuitem closes more than one tab



when i close a tab by selecting “Close tab” from the popup-menu it closes the selected tab and the tab before the one i’m closing.

Closing works correctly when closing with the ‘x’ button on the tab.

Atom version is 0.208.0.

This happens in normal and --safe mode.

Tried searching for similar posts, is this happening elsewhere ?


Confirmed this behavior using Atom v0.208.0-f830623 on Mac OS X 10.10.3. I haven’t seen this before because I generally don’t use the context menus for things. Would you mind opening an Issue on the tabs package? If you do so, please post a link to the issue here.


I could reproduce this on 0.208.0 and 0.209.0. Submitted an issue here


It’s fixed already. Will ship with Atom 0.209.0