Close pane doesn't "unsplit" (it actually doesn't close the pane)


After closing all the tabs in a pane, or invoking “close pane”, the pane is still left there… just empty and without any tabs inside, but also without any way to reclaim its space (without closing the window or invoking the developer tools)

This is how the pane looks like in the inspector:

<atom-pane-axis class="horizontal pane-row" style="flex-grow: 1;"></atom-pane-axis>


Hi @berdario,

Are you able to reproduce this when running Atom with the --safe option? If not then it’s probably an issue with your installed packages. Also, have you noticed an error in the devtools when trying to closing the pane? If an error is raised at that point it will prevent the destruction of the pane.


Indeed, you’re right:

No errors in the console when running normally, but when running with --safe the pane closes normally.

Is there a simple way to bisect all the extensions to find out the culprit?

Thank you


I’ll try to use this:


I have no idea how it could happen, but it’s



It’s weird given it’s a grammar without any logic, there might be something deeper.