Clojure, protorepl: strange error while typing

while typing clojure code, there are “permanent error messages”, see screenshot.
Those errors occur, when typing an opening paranthesis and letters, e.g. (d
That happens on OS elementary. Doing exactly the same with an “identical configured atom” in win10 works fine.

The text of the errormessage is:
Error in handler: Error: Map literal must contain an even number of forms.

I’m pretty sure, that I’m missing somthing important. But:
I have no idea, where to search for the reason or solution. Googling the error message did not bring one single hit… Any help is welcome.

OS: elementary OS 0.4.1 Loki
Atom: 1.54.0
Electron: 6.1.12
Chrome: 76.0.3809.146
Node: v12.4.0

autosave-onchange 1.5.1
git-plus 8.7.1
highlight-select 0.17.0
ink 0.10.2 (with 0.12 protorepl will have trouble)
lisp-paredit 0.8.0
parinfer 1.24.1
protorepl 1.4.24
toolbar 1.4.2 (the icons do not work - found no solution yet)