Client MAC Address


Good Day,
Please assist.
I am working on an application where security is extremely important and I need to bind a single install of the app to a single machine. Is there any way I can get the MAC address of the PC the my application is running on.

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PS. If you find any spelling / grammer errors please ignore… I try my best but English is my second Language.


Hi ajvoriii,

I don’t think using MAC address is the best way to trust a computer, but have you considered to use something like node-macaddress ?


Hi Swizz,

Thank you, node-macaddress is exactly what I was looking for.


Have you some recommendation for such problem of “trusted” installation of app based on electron? I mean other than using mac address?



I know it’s old but best way I can think of is having a server and a login for the application and setting up accounts for each instance of your application.