Clicking on pane problems



I love switching from Sublime to Atom. But there is an amazing thing I found out in Atom for the first time. That I can split my files into many corners (left,right,down,up) and watch it together and work. It has seriously helped me out as a young developer. But I have another problem. It’s really annoying that every time I click on a pane that is for example under, it increases the height of the upper one and this one gets lower. Then when I click on the upper one on the part of the code I want to change, the lower one goes further up and the upper one loses some height. This is really frustrating, is there a way to solve this?


What version of Atom and what operating system are you running? What theme do you have active? Does the behavior happen when you open Atom from the command line with atom --safe?

I haven’t seen the behavior you describe. Just now I split a file vertically and switched between panes and they stayed still.