Clicking on a text file does not open it in Atom

When I double click in a text file (associated to be opened with Atom), Atom starts to launch but the file is not open. I can see the Atom menu but for example in the File menu the only available option is “Close Window”. I am on MacOS and I have just updated to the latest Atom version (1.53.0).

I do not know when and why this problem started.

Any ideas are welcome.

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Same problem - 1.53 does not work for me at all using Macox 10.15.7. I downgraded to 1.52 using time machine and all is fine again, but 1.53 doesn’t even show the file open dialogs in menu

I solved this problem in the following strange way:

  1. I opened the text file with another text editor.
  2. I copied the text in a new text file created with Atom.
  3. I deleted the previous text file and I renamed the new text file to match the previous one.
    Strangely, now I can open the file in Atom with double click, as before. So maybe there was something in the file, beyond the text, causing the problem.

Same issue. 1.53.0

Double clicking text file opens up the menu bar only, with very few menu items, and those that are there are greyed out.

TBH, I am not going faff about troubleshooting a text editor. There are others out there.

same same: macOS 10.15.7, Atom 1.53.

Not opening txt files when double clicked the files assigned with Atom. Atom does open but the file never shows. It shows when dragged on the Atom icon in dock. This could be

Was unable to find an existing issue on GitHub. Are devs reading this forum?

Now in addition to the known problem of Atom not closing we now have a second issue of Atom not opening.

This is getting ridiculous. I have switched to TextMate. One less Electron app on my mac and TextEdit is lightening fast. Also it does open and close. Awesome!