Clicking a line one blue circle appears


When I click in a line or try to scroll up/down into my codes appears one blue circle, I`m new to Atom but one week ago it was working perfectly.

This is what is happening.

Any idea of what is happening?


Can you reproduce that behavior when running Atom with the --safe flag? If not this is probably due to a package.


I get this behaviour, when I accidently touch text in Atom (with my finger). I have a Thinkpad Yoga with a touchscreen built-in (Fedora 21 / Gnome 3.14)

I suppose it is some kind of text selection event/helper for touch input in the chromium/chrome base.


Yes, I executed Atom with the --safe flag but still happing. Thanks!

My computer have touch screen available too, do you know how to remove this behaviour of my atom? Thanks!


I just took a look in a list of chromes commandline options if it can be disabled (atoms core is based on chrome/chromium).
And it can be disabled! I just tried it on my side.
If you start atom with --touch-events=disabled this behaviour should be gone.


My sincere thanks!! It worked!!! :smile: