Clickable packages available for updates


Is it possible to have a link to the package page directly from the Available Updates tab? It’s not a big deal but it would be useful to be able to check the changelog directly from that tab. It can be either a link in the title or a button near “Settings” (or both).

It’s a small thing but it shouldn’t be hard to implement (for someone who knows the system ^_^)


It sounds like what you’re asking for is already something @kgrossjo suggested here:

If so, discussion should continue on the linked topic.


If I got it right, what I’m asking is slightly different. Not every package has a changelog or meaningful commit messages, in those cases a quick link to the package page is helpful (more than once I had to browse the commits on the repository to get a good grasp of what has changed). I’ll post there too though, maybe there’s one simple solution for both features.

EDIT: I just noticed I have actually used the word “changelog” in my opening post, sorry for the misdirection :slight_smile: