Click on parts of file path to quickly navigate to different folders


In a large project, it would be nice to be able to click on the different parts of the file path displayed below the content buffer, in order to quickly navigate to a parent or grandparent folder of the current file.


You’re talking breadcrumb navigation, I assume?

There is @abe’s package that might help you:

You’ll have to switch on its Keep Breadcrumb Visible setting, to keep it always visible (by default it disappears if the folders aren’t very long).


Similar, but not quite.

You know the file path displayed at the BOTTOM of the currently open file? I want the folder parts of the path there to be clickable.


Yes, I understood that, but it won’t happen anytime soon, I’m afraid.
It has just recently been changed to the current behavior (click to copy absolute path), which is what most people wanted.

So for your breadcrumb idea, i.e. to have a path displayed (somewhere) which allows you to click on its components to quickly navigate to parent directories etc… you’ll need to look for a package for help.

Alternatively, you’re of course free to hack that thing yourself, if you’re up for it. :wink: