Click on folder tree leads to file emptying


Hi, when i click or double click on a file in the folder tree it leads to emptying the whole file i’ve clicked on. The file is also autosaved. CMD+Z also doesn’t work.
Unfortunately i can’t reproduce it. It only appears occationally. I also checked my packages, there is no native behaviour like that. I wonder if anybody her has a similar issue or have heard about it linked with a package i use.
Thanks in advance


System: OS X 10.11.6
current Atom Version: 1.12.6
packages i use:


Is the file that you’re clicking on not stored on your local filesystem?


There is also a bug if i open a file remotely for example out of filezilla client, the file suddently closes after opening. But thats not the case here.

The file is stored on the local file system.


I don’t know what would be causing that if the file is stored on the local file system and not on a mounted drive of any sort.