Clean install on Windows 7


I wanted to do a clean install of Atom on Windows 7 so I:

  1. uninstalled the Chocolatey version of Atom
  2. uninstalled Chocolatey
  3. rebooted

Then I downloaded the latest Atom and installed it. Unfortunately the settings that I had in my old Chocolatey installation are still there. What do I need to do to get rid of all traces of my old installation? Thanks.


If you want to delete all traces of Atom, you’ll need to delete the ~/.atom directory also. Though this really has nothing to do with Chocolatey. @mark_hahn or @paulcbetts might have more suggestions. I don’t really work with Windows.


You also need to delete %AppData%\Atom (i.e. C:\Users\MyUserName\AppData\Atom)


Be sure to follow all the instructions in the recent blog post.


Thank you all. I did follow the instructions on but that wasn’t enough for a clean install. Here’s what else I needed to do:

  • rmdir ~\.atom
  • rmdir ~\AppData\Local\atom
  • rmdir ~\AppData\Roaming\Atom

I think what I’ve got now is a pristine Atom 0.175.0. Thanks for your help and for this great FLOSS cross-platform tool!