Clean cache when atom starts

hi all!
sometimes happens that I open a file with atom (windows with right click on explorer) it opens many files, like it remember the last opened files… and atom freeze, also if I close and reopen, the situation is the same.

it’s possible reset and restart atom clean?


I think atom --safe will do that.

thanks mark, after loading with --safe, I opened via explorer, the files are all opened like before but now doesn’t crash yet

So you have a package that is causing the problem. You should try turning some off packages and some on to find out what causes this. The you should report a bug to the offending package repo.


Also, try clearing the content of the ~/.atom/storage directory, some package may look broken from time to time when the version of storage data has changed.


thanks, but in the .atom/storage is also stored a cache of the files opened in certain folder? i need to clean this! :wink:

Yep, in the storage there’s a file for each project, in this file you’ll find all the serialized state of the project when you quit it last time, including the panes and files opens in each.


I have the same error if the Pigments plugin is turned on, otherwise everything is working fine

Hi to all!
I’m using last version of Atom on Mac OS Sierra 10.12.5
Atom is not wokring ok, every 10 minutes is restarting while I’m working on a code.
Could this be because of the cache?
Where is the .atom/storage?

Perhaps start at…

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Thanks for the answer.
I’m getting troubles with the first instruction: "start Atom from the terminal in safe mode:

atom --safe"

I’m getting in the terminal: atom --atom --safe does not exist.

Trying to find how to initiate in safe mode atom in other sites, with a longer instruction about the Terminal…but without success until now…


I need your help on this one. From your reply it is not clear to me…
do you know how to execute a text command in the terminal?

To be honest -
The colour Blue has more knowledge about Mondays than I know about a Mac.

The following link looks helpful enough in how to open a terminal:


Inside the terminal there needs only to be typed:

atom --safe

and then the Enter key.

Please see what this does for you…
a screen photo would be super helpful as feedback to us.

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Really kind, thank you.
I’m typing the instruction, and the terminal says atom: command not found
I will try to re-install atom in my Mac
Thanks a lot!

This worked like a charm! <3

atom --clear-window-state clears all environment state