Classic tabs



Are there any ui themes that would display the tabs as classic tabs, such as tabs in chrome or sublime

I can not see the tabs very welll


The look of tabs is defined by themes, so it’s best to browse through them

Here’s one that mimics the look of Sublime Text:

Others try to look native, e.g. like macOS & Windows:


Thanks for the response

I changed to Atom dark with Monoki theme, I wonder why changing syntax theme modifies the color of entire window


Many authors use the same color variables for syntax themes and UI themes, presumably for a unified look. But there are many exceptions. With that many themes available, rowsing the theme pages can be overwhelming.



This is not what you asked for, but it might still be of value.

Adding to your styles.less the following:

.tab-bar .tab {
  //..inactive tab
  color: grey;                            // text colour
  border-top: medium solid grey;          // tab top edge
  border-left: thin solid grey;           // tab left edge
  border-right: thin solid #101010;       // tab right edge
  background-color: #202020;              // background tab colour
  border-top-left-radius: 18px;           // corner radius
  border-top-right-radius: 18px;          // corner radius
  & {
    // tab
    color: black;                         // text colour
    font-weight: bold;                    // bold font
    border-top-color: yellow;             // tab top edge colour
    background-color: darken(yellow,12%); // background tab colour

Custom tabs