Clang server language in ubuntu


I am trying to install atom-clang package for my atom editor running in ubuntu 16.04, I have installed all prerequisites but a lot of warnings and error appear after sudo apm install atom-clang.
I am trying to install clang because I couldn’t install llvm but a substitute package was installed instead.
Once the substitute package was installed I installed all packages related to atom-clang… but… it works only sometimes, sometimes does not.
How can I install atom-clang in ubuntu 16.04?
Thank you very much


Do you need to use sudo for apm? I suspect not, based on the fact that APM is based on NPM and sudo tends to cause issues for NPM. If your computer is requiring you to use sudo for apm, then it is probable that Atom was installed incorrectly and you should reinstall the latest version from an official channel.