Chrome45+ in Electron


Hey guys,

I’m wanting to distribute an app on electron that uses features that are included in chrome45+ (In particular the the flag –enable-blink-features=EnumerateDevices,AudioOutputDevices).

Every time I build using electron-prebuilt, it appears by looking at the userAgent that it’s still on Chrome 43. (Chrome/43.0.2357.65 Electron/0.30.1).

Has anyone been able to enable chrome45+ features in electron?




You mean Chrome 45+, I assume?


Yes, Thank you :slight_smile: That already makes a lot more sense to me - I’m getting 45+ support isn’t implemented yet


Doesn’t look like it, no.
I’m no expert, but Chrome updates appear to commonly break Electron in places, so thorough testing can take a while.


makes sense! thanks for the update!


The version of Chromium Electron is based upon is controlled from the libchromiumcontent library. It’s specified in the VERSION file. You can check the project out and build it following the instructions in the README. The patches the build applies are very unlikely to apply cleanly but if you do get a successful build then the resulting library can be used when building the downstream brightray and electron projects.