Chrome window shows raw code

I changed to a Mac in the other room and Atom seemed to work at first, but now when I click on the html and it opens in Chrome, it just shows raw code instead of the page it’s supposed to. Even the name of the tab isn’t defined, even thought I put a name in the . I searched google and youtube forever with no answers, and no one seems to share this issue.

I have a screen shot below. Does anyone know why this is happening?

*even though I put the name in the head. (this thing doesn’t let me edit my mistakes.)

I should add the windows in the other room had no problems.

Does the file have a .html extension?

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It looks like your file is just named html. You need a file extension in order for the browser to recognize it as an HTML page to be displayed.

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Aerijo and DamnedScholar,
Ah, I see. I meant to name it index.html . I’m still new. My other projects are on the other computer and I missed it. It works now.

Thanks, guys!