Chrome devtools and Atom


Well, I am learning javascript and to simplify my setup, I was using Codepen and Plunker,
Great tools by the way, but a bit limited. So for this reason I jump to Atom. However the problem is that I want to use devtools in Atom to verify and test my code but I can’t get it.

I’ve use Atom HTML Preview and from this tab/window I tried to Toggle Developer Tools but doen’t work.
Need your help guys.

Will you know if there is a package to solve this problem?


Atom’s dev tools are for verifying and testing Atom and packages for Atom. The element view will have access to the preview of your code, but anything you do in the console or profiling parts will interact with Atom, not your code.

It might be possible for a package to make a whole new window that you could then use developer tools on, but that feels to me like a more limited version of previewing in Chrome. I use browsersync to reload the page whenever the source files are updated.


Really Thanks!
Sigh! Think I need to learn another tool :frowning: