Chrome Developer window pops up when saving


Eversince i upgraded to 0.74 release, When I run CMD+S (Save the file) the Chrome Developer console window pops up. Any workaround?


I haven’t been able to reproduce this. Are you getting any errors in the JS console?


Yes, but this forum won’t let me upload images

Failed to load resource: file:////tmp/atom-build/
Uncaught Error: spawn ENOENT events.js:82


I killed Atom and started t back up, seems to be good


I also have this problem. In my case It appears to be caused by the PEP8 linter.
Disabling the plugin solved.


I’m having a similar problem (error on save) occasionally. I don’t have PEP-8 linter. Next time the error appears, I’ll post it here.


All of these are most likely problems with a package. Try moving ~/.atom/packages to a different location and restarting Atom. Most likely that will fix it.