Chktex or lacheck linter needed


Hi everybody,

I use Atom for writing Latex. I encounter a well-known problem with linter-chktex due to too long lines. This is an issue with chktex itself (see here), however chktex works fine in terminal despite the usual warning:

Unfortunately, linter-chktex in Atom only shows this warning and stops working. I know, I could reflow the selection with Atom to shorten the lines (as suggested here), but I work together with colleagues who don’t want too many line breaks. Is there any way to suppress this warning an get linter-chktex working?

Alternatively, lacheck works fine in terminal but there is no linter for Atom, yet. Is anyone planning to write one for lacheck, since there doesn’t seem to be a restriction on line length.

I hope it’s OK that I ask questions about packages and not about the Atom core. Thanks a lot for your help!!