Chinese Characters are terrible in 1.2.0


in 1.1.0,it works well, after update to 1.2.0, one line separated into multi lines, and eyes burned…


One of the new features of 1.2.0 was that it supported wrapping these characters. I guess they kind of got carried away. (grin)


@limboy You should definitely report this as an issue on github (@as_cii will definitely be interested)


Hey @limboy, thanks for this report. It would be awesome if you could file an issue in our GitHub repository, as @abe already suggested. :sparkles:

If you haven’t got time to do that, could you paste a piece of code that reproduces this issue here, please? :bow: That would help a lot investigating what’s going on: we’re aware that our wrapping mechanism works the same for Latin and CJK characters, which is understandably non-optimal. However, it would seem like the issue reported here is being caused by some other problem: it would seem like line 70 was rendered correctly, whereas line 68 and 72 are being soft-wrapped in another way for some reason (are there any spaces between the first and the second Chinese characters after the word commit?)

Also, it would be great to have more information about your configuration, for example:

  • Which font are you using?
  • Which theme are using?
  • Have you set anything in your personal stylesheet?
  • Can you reproduce this via atom --safe?

Those should help us discard potential rendering glitches caused by stuff that’s not related to our wrapping mechanism.

Thanks for your time and help, and sorry this is causing troubles to your editing experience. We’ll make sure to fix this as soon as possible after reproducing the problem locally.


Thanks for your reply, followed your suggestions, when run atom --safe, everything works well. so it must be some package’s business. it turns out japanese-wrap does the “magic”. maybe atom 1.2.0 is not compatible with it, and it’s duty is done.