China and firewall



Users are having problems due to the China firewall that forces them to jump through some significant hoops.

User had to use a VPN to download the AtomSetup-x64.exe because of being blocked by it.

Here are some quotes

  1. I can’t install packages.
    It seems that connection to ATOM download server is forbidden by GFW (Great Firewall of China).
    So I cloned their source from github, and installed with npm install. it works for me.

  2. Some module is missing
    When restart ATOM, it told me that autocomplete-asciidoc and asciidoc-image-helper could not work because some module is missing. Maybe I should update my ATOM to lastest version.

The missing module is:

(1) for autocomplete-asciidoc
Cannot find module 'lodash’
Cannot find module ‘season’
(2) for asciidoc-image-helper
Cannot find module ‘atom-space-pen-views’

I update ATOM to version 1.21.0-beta0 as it’s recommanded, they are still missing.

As the ATOM told me which modules are missing, I go to the required folder and installed them.

Is there a preferred method for those from China for installing and setting up Atom?

Can this be overcome by Atom team adding a script to be ran, after downloading and installing the preferred flavor of Atom?


Take a look at this, maybe should sort out the issue installing missing modules: