"Check Spelling" (vs. Spell Check)


It does not appear that the core spell-check package will programmatically review a document’s spelling.

What I mean is that while you can click a word and press ctrl + Shift + : to toggle the spelling correction interface, you cannot open an interface to traverse a document and review/correct each potential misspelling, word-by-word. (In other words, something comparable to a word processor’s “check spelling” utility.)

By way of example, I previously used Komodo Editor, which by default checks spelling in this way. Most documents in my context are just code, but in some cases I’ll have PHP docs with lots of copy. The current spell check implementation just isn’t efficient (or usable, really) for cleaning up larger blocks of prose content.

There’s another post (here) that gets at the same issue.

Am I missing something? Is there way to spell check in this way and I have missed the obvious?

Or, is there anything like this on the horizon - either as part of the core or as a community-developed package?

Thanks for your responses,


You could use linter-spell, which will work with linter as well as atom-ide-ui.