Check out the updated documentation


Those of you that have been clamoring for updated, improved or fleshed out documentation … you can see the first major steps in this direction on the website now. If you want to contribute, check the docs project.

Some of the content is a bit outdated, but I’m sure we can fix that up if we all pitch in a bit! :grinning:


Looks great so far! My first PR :slight_smile:


It needs fixing. See How do you use activationCommands in package.json?.


I updated the activationCommands description


Looks great! :slight_smile:

One minor thing, the list of pinned topics on the landing page is slightly outdated. I don’t think there is a repository (publicly available) for the webpage to send a pull request for that? If possible, it could even be dynamically populated by pulling the pinned topics directly from discuss. I noticed has a "pinned":true attribute for the pinned topics.


@leedohm, thank you for update! I’d like to contribute. I understand that community focus on CoffeeScript but there are a lot of people that prefer JavaScript, especially web developers. I prefer JS too and can add examples of JS. What do you think? How it is better to do?


I’m not the owner of the documentation, so I’m probably not the best person to ask but …

I think it would be good to have a separate section or a chapter on using JavaScript (including something on the 6to5/babel support) in the book. Perhaps you could write something up and submit a pull request? I’m sure that people would be happy to give feedback on it.


I remember contributing to a package written in javascript. I’ll find that package again. Maybe he’d help also.


I just looked at this page, and it is not possible to display the “latest” version - it jumps back to 0.186.0. Is this a known issue?


Yes, that isn’t the latest documentation. Check the link at the top of this topic for the latest documentation.

I opened this Issue regarding old documentation links:


To clarify, the problem (at least with this particular page) is that it is not possible to access the latest (or it does not exist). Clicking on the “go to latest” redirects to the same page. I updated the git issue with this note too.


Yes, that’s why I opened the Issue.


It looks like the table of contents has a problem. If you go to it looks correct, but if you go to the text, like, the TOC on the left side contains links to the Appendix A sections where links to the Getting Started sections should be. Is this a known issue?