"Check for update" disappears from Atom menu


After using Atom for a little while, the Check for Update... item in the Atom menu just… disappears. I figured that maybe this meant closing and re-opening Atom would install whatever update was available, but I’m still running v0.60.0 and the current release is v0.60.2. I ended up having to manually download the latest Atom and overwrite /Applications/Atom.app and had to do this to bump up from v0.59.0 as well.

Atom won't auto update anymore

That happened to me as well, and I did the same thing



Yeah, my “Check for update” seems to periodically disappear.

I find restarting and waiting a while seems to fix it - however, it’d be nice if this could be made a little more robust/reliable.

Is the Dev team aware of why it’s disappearing/reappearing?



Atom updates are installed automatically when you restart the app. To see when updates are available, look at the bottom-right corner of the window and you’ll see a little squirrel icon. :smile:


Apparently not, as I restarted Atom several times and never got the v0.60.1 or v.0.60.2 updates. I had to download and install manually.


I’m seeing the same behavior! The “Check for Updates” option disappears, and then I use Atom for a day or so, figuring it’ll update on it’s own. Then I check on the forums, and the latest version is up by three or so numbers. Then I have to download from atom.io again and replace the original app.


The “Check for Updates” option in the menu still disappears, but I do see the “shipit squirrel” at the bottom right telling me closing the app will update to the latest version. Previously this didn’t work, but I did finally get it to auto-update from 0.65.0 to 0.66.0. :+1:


@davidcelis, I’m on 0.67.0, have you been upgraded to that yet?


Yes, I weirdly enough had to restart it twice to get up to 0.67.0. It didn’t upgrade directly to the latest after all.


Anyone know where to find out what the latest version of Atom is? The only way I know right now is to re-download the package from atom.io and check what version I should be running.


When you go to a link on the right side of the docs pages (e.g. https://atom.io/docs/v0.67.0/getting-started) then it contains the latest version number in it.


Thanks a bunch, @danielgtaylor!




This happens for me as well. The option will be there after I update but for some reason it disappears. I was on 0.67 and it was still doing this.


This is still an issue, though the “Check for update” item has stopped disappearing from my menu. But this is because I simply never have that option anymore. Nor does Atom perform any sort of auto-updating or show the little blue squirrel in the bottom right corner. I have to manually download every update.


Also, is there a better way to know when a new release is out than checking the releases page from time to time?


I’m also having this issue. Currently on 0.75.0, have restarted a few times today, and no indication of an update. Is there any way to force the check or update manually?


Open up https://atom.io in Safari and hit the ‘Sign In’ at the bottom. Then restart Atom.


Interestingly after another restart, I’m suddenly at 0.80.0. Poking around the Atom source I wonder if I just didn’t have a network connection or something when I was restarting Atom.

I also discovered I can force the “Check for Update” menu item to appear by doing this in the console:

atom.menu.template[0].submenu.filter(function(item) { return item.label == 'Check for Update' })[0].visible = true; atom.menu.update()

:smiling_imp: Maybe that’ll help others.

I wonder though: how come this isn’t visible by default? Or should it be?


Gosh this is terrible UI — don’t hide menu items dynamically. +1 for making this visible and active at all times, except for during the actual “Check for update” process (when the item should be disabled, but still visible).