Characters randomly show glitches on Debian-like distros


I recently updated Atom to the latest version on both my Ubuntu installation and my Parrot Full installation. Now, every time i open a file and start typing, at least 4 characters per line of code exhibit slight visual glitches in a seemingly random way. As you may understand, with these glitches piling on and on as i keep writing it becomes increasingly more difficult to make sense of what’s on screen, especially if you have to use glasses.

This issue has gotten to the point that words like pop() almost become ppp(). I also use Atom on my Windows 10 installation, but this issue has not manifested there yet.
What is wrong with my atom? Are there temporary fixes to this bug?


The temporary fix is to downgrade to Freetype 2.8.0. You may want to subscribe to for updates.


Thank you for your help!