Character Swap Insertion Mode

How to put the editor in the character replacement mode while editing? When editing in the Notepad ++ editor, I press the Ins key. In the Atom editor, the Ins key does not work. The editor continues to be in insert mode. Perhaps the editor uses a keyboard shortcut to switch to replace mode. Please help.

There's an APP for that!

That rings true for many situations in Atom too.
Best to look for solutions in the “app-store” (
I use this one:

You may also value:

it does not work for me. reinstalling the system does not help. On notepad ++, the Ins key works. :frowning:

That is annoying. Mine works.
-- Windows 10, US-keyboard layout, Atom V1.40 / V1.41(beta) / V1.42(alpha). --

A few troubleshooting tips:

  1. Look for overtype in the Command Pallet (Ctrl Shift P). As a test - activate overtype mode.
  2. Identify what is bounded to Ins using the Key Binding Resolver (Ctrl .)

Sounds like a Vim feature, do you have vim-mode-plus installed?

reinstalled the atom-overtype-mode package. everything is super. it worked. thanks for the support. Now I can switch from notepad ++ to atom.

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