Character Problem


i’m codding as Turkish and some characters not working i need utf-8 for this characters working but in utf-8 Turkish characters not seeming what should i do


Hi @enes05, can you post some screenshot of the issue so that we can figure out what’s hapenning?



when windows 1254 Turkish characters are working but other some characters like this :+1: not working i want to work both of them


I was able to reproduce what you got through that steps:

  1. open a new buffer and type Ð Ý Þ ð ý þ in it
  2. change the encoding to windows 1254 turkish
  3. close and reopen the file:

    as you can see, these chars were lost in the saving process as they’re not supported by this encoding (sublime text actually warns about that when saving and fallback to utf-8). Switching the encoding back to windows 1254 turkish doesn’t help.
  4. If I initally save the file in utf-8 I don’t get any problem, but if I open the utf-8 version and then switch to windows 1254 turkish I get that:
  5. I paste Ð Ý Þ ð ý þ back into this file, and save with the modified encoding, and now I’m back at step 3:

I’m not really sure what the proper solution would be though… If I were you I would stick to utf-8 (in fact I would never use anything but utf-8) unless you have constraints you cannot workaround. Maybe there’s some encoding gurus that have encountered this before?