Changing the width of the windows on the right side


Is there some way to change the size of the window on each side of the editor? hovering my mouse over the edge of the right side does not let me change the size like it does on the project tab


It works for me. Maybe you could share some more detail about what exactly you’re having trouble with.

(That screenshot looks off, but for some reason my screenshot program changes the position of the cursor. It’s actually on the border between the left dock and the editor pane.)


right side


The right dock functions exactly the same way.


Is there a specific dock you’re having a problem with? Does it happen in safe mode (open Atom with atom --safe?

I tried it just now, and did notice the “draggable area” is further to the right than I expected. Can you find it if you try a little further from where it should be?


I scanned the entire side, what I am talking about is if you drag a tab to the right side it snaps as a separate window, but that windows seem not to be able to be resized


Are you talking about OS specific behaviour of the entire Atom window? If so, you’ll need to provide more information.



Perhaps you are thinking of this margin:

This is the wrap-guide.

I am very probably wrong, so a picture would be much helpful for this case.